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Education Enrichment by Jemini

BA (Hons), QTS, MA (Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment). SENCo

Specialising in: Primary Education
KS1, KS2, 4+, 7+, 11+

Specialised support and CPD for teachers and schools

Believer in that everything starts with you: your mindset, determination, purpose and aspirations. I am here to help you to grow and be your best!

Education is a lot more than just sitting in front of a board and studying information, or memorising details. It’s about more than just listening and provides a lot more than a basic career path at the end.

Today, education is about engaging, inspiring, and supporting people from all walks of life – arming them with information and empowering them to boast their own opinions and ideologies.


Education Enrichment

By Jemini


What I Offer 

English and Maths tuition for EYFS, KS1 and KS2

Creative writing and comprehension lessons

Speech and Language Sessions

Parental support on children with special educational

Mother and Daughter at the Table

Helping professionals in the education sector be their best – and be THE best.

Everyone wants to be their classes favourite teacher. Many teachers achieve this in the way they inspire their class, the way they treat them, and the way they reward them.

My Packages

One-to-one bespoke support for new and student teachers facing interviews…

Interview Support for New and Experienced Teachers

It doesn’t matter if you’re interviewing for your first job or your fifth job,…

Build a Career to Be Proud of

Working alongside you, my professional development workshops and sessions start


What Clients Say

Job Interviews Support:

“I contacted Jemini for my first teaching job interviews. I had 3 lined up, I needed support with what to do for the lesson observations, planning the lesson and interview prep. We had 2 sessions for each interview, she broke things down and gave me really good resources on creating my lesson observations. For my interview prep she modelled answers and went through a variety of questions. I felt so much more confident during the interviews and was offered all three jobs”
Danielle, London. 

Nurturing and Inspiring Young Minds!

It’s no secret that children love to learn. They are naturally curious, have a fascination for the new and exciting and assimilate information at a faster rate between the ages of 4 and 11, than at any other period in their lives.

I am an experienced, professional and dynamic teacher with a passion for doing things differently. I set high expectations, I provide creative opportunities for self-expression and I encourage every child to believe in their own abilities. I actively promote fresh thinking, open communication, the sharing of ideas and an enterprising spirit. My aim is to unlock every child’s full potential, promote lifelong learning and inspire the next generation of young leaders.

Children learning with teacher
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Everything starts with you

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